Every day for the next 10 days we are going to highlight a Mercy staff member or classroom! Today we start off with Ms.Coleman.
This makes me super duper excited because it was not an easy feat to get this picture of her, she tried to run and hide from the camera until we cornered her. Ms. Coleman is one of the good ones, she is relentless in her efforts to ensure that ‘her babies’ are taken care of and provided for. While it may seem to many that Christmas is her focus with the holiday gift drive; her efforts can be seen in the summer camp, Valentines Day gift bags, Pre-K Prom, and literally every aspect of Mercy that will have impact on her students’ future.
Ms. Coleman is always available to meet ‘her babies’ at arrival and departure time every day. (I don’t know how she does it). Her upfront and behind the scenes work may go unnoticed to some but not to this mom. She is the reason I volunteer my time and services to Mercy. My kids don’t want to leave this place and for good reason. She ensures that they are safe, fed, entertained and most importantly, respected.  So there you have it, Ms. Barbara Coleman, our 1st Mercy Staff Spotlight. Feel free to leave a comment on your interactions with her and share this post as well.